The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced LOLA to Lax At Home with virtual trainings via Google Meet/Zoom Meetings. LOLA held its first virtual training on April 23, 2020, and will continue to utilize this form of training. Quizzes are created on Google Forms that generate great group discussion amongst the officials. Also, quiz questions are created on the Kahoot! app, and is used for the “speed round” of the training. This is a competitive way for officials to test their knowledge by quickly answering questions electronically through the app. Virtual training is a great way to get officials from all the geographic locations in to one “room” without having to travel across the state on a regular basis.

LOLA provides training for individuals interested in becoming a boy’s lacrosse official for the high school level. LOLA provides training sessions for officials during the summer/fall prior to the beginning of the high school season. These training sessions are in the form of classroom instruction, as well as on-field training in 3-person mechanics. LOLA partners with teams from the LHSLL in the geographical area where the training sessions will be held.

Summer Trainings:

The Red Stick Summer League serves as one training opportunity for officials; Catholic High School Lacrosse Head Coach and Red Stick Summer League Director George Hopkins and Red Stick Lacrosse/Baton Rouge Mustangs President Mike Wilson run the Red Stick Summer League. The R.S.S.L gives high school athletes a fun, local, and low cost option to play lacrosse, in some cases for the first time. It’s the easiest and least expensive way to gain valuable lacrosse experience under game-like conditions complete with lacrosse officials. LOLA uses this opportunity for potential new officials to receive on-field experience while a veteran official shadows them throughout the games.

Fall Trainings:

In conjunction with the Allstate Sugar Bowl Fall Lacrosse Jamboree; LOLA uses this as another training opportunity for officials. The event includes many of the top high school boys’ lacrosse programs in the region. Veteran officials prepare for rule changes and new officials learn the game. Overall, this event provides an opportunity for approximately 300+ student athletes to compete following their off-season fall practice training regimes. Newer and potential new officials are paired with veteran officials and shadowed by a trainer.

In North Louisiana at South Bossier Park, the 3-1-8 Laxin’ in the Park Jamboree, hosted by Red River Lacrosse serves as another training opportunity for officials.  Varsity and JV high school teams from Airline, Byrd, Caddo Magnet, Capt. Shreve, Loyola and South Bossier, as well as middle school teams from Caddo Middle Magnet and Elm Grove, participate in the event. 

Other fall trainings consists of classroom “LAX 101” instruction followed by on-field training. For the purpose of this particular on-field training, a member LSHLL teams holds an orchestrated practice in which officials are trained at each phase of the game.


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