About LOLA

LOLA was officially formed in 2009…

Prior to the formation of Lacrosse Officials of Louisiana (LOLA), officials were affiliated with the Southwest Lacrosse Officials Association, which was a combination of Louisiana and Texas lacrosse officials. After the LHSLL was formed in 2008, the Louisiana officials decided to branch off from the SWLOA, forming LOLA in the fall of 2009. LOLA registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State on April 17, 2013.

Founding Board Members: Rob Wyman- President, Brian Landry- North Vice President, Mark Heller- South Vice President

LOLA provides officiating services for the sport of boy’s lacrosse, primarily for the Louisiana High School Lacrosse League, stretching throughout the Gulf Coast Region, as well as in-state/out-of-state independent teams in the area.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to continually recruit, train, certify, and retain officials for the sport of boy’s lacrosse in order to provide the highest quality of officiating needed to support the lacrosse programs in Louisiana as well as the lacrosse programs in the Deep South.

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