Sunday Spotlight

Stephen Kaplan

Stephen was born in New York, but he went to high school and college in Maryland.  Currently, he lives in New Orleans and has been here since 1980.  He attended Sandy Spring Friends School, where he played lacrosse from ‘71-’74.  His college career began at Windham College in Vermont; there he played on the men’s club team from ‘74-’76.  A couple of years later, he transferred to the University of Maryland and played on the men’s club team from ‘78-’79.  He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Geology.  In ‘94, he attended Tulane Public Health and received his Masters Degree in Health Systems Management.  He’s a Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator, as well as a Licensed Realtor.  He’s currently semi-retired.

Stephen has quite the resume in playing, organizing, training, and officiating lacrosse:

‘80-’82 – Founder and President of the Houston Bayou Men’s Club Team

‘82-’84 – Player for the New Orleans Lacrosse Club

‘84-’87 – Founder and President of the Crescent City Sticks in New Orleans

‘87-’88 – Coached Lee High School in Houston, TX… it was a 1st year public high school

‘89-’92 – Player for the New Orleans Lacrosse Club

‘94-’10 – Official for Southwest Lacrosse Officials Association; South Louisiana Assignor; developed and implemented inline assignment and reporting system for SWLOA; also SWLOA South Louisiana Board of Governors

‘99-’02 – Big South Conference Organizer (10 Collegiate Teams)

‘01 – US Lacrosse Clinician Training

‘04-Present – Participant of the International Lacrosse Federation

‘94-’05 – Mardi Gras Tournament co-director; Chief Referee & Assignor since ‘94

‘07-’08 – Allstate Sugar Bowl Lacrosse Classic Tournament Director

Deep South High School Lacrosse Conference Chief Referee and Assignor

‘07-’08 – LHSLL Assignor and Chief Referee

He began officiating in ‘94 and has officiated all over the country, even internationally.  International highlights include: Championship Game in the Amsterdam Tournament (‘04); London Tournament (‘04); Championship Game in the Berlin Tournament (‘05); Prague Tournament (‘05); World Lacrosse Festival Official London & Ontario (‘06); US Representative to the European Championships in Amsterdam (;12).  Also, he was an official for the World Lacrosse Festival in Denver, CO (‘14).  He has officiated volleyball, and states that it’s a great sport to learn how to control your whistle.

Stephen has two vintage cars: 1969 Galaxie Convertible 429 and a 1965 American 440 Convertible.  He’s attended at least 15 National Championship Games. Finally, in 2020 he got a new right hip, and plans to be officiating in the 2021 season.

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