Sunday Spotlight

Westley Green

Westley was born in Troy, AL.  He attended Moss Point High School in Moss Point, MS.  The last sport that he played was football during his junior high school years.  He currently lives in Mobile, AL, but works in Gautier, MS as the Testing Coordinator at Gautier High School.  He attended the University of South Alabama, and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and Social Studies in 20012.  He earned his Master’s in Teaching Theory from Arkansas State University in 2014.  He also has a Specialists in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University which he earned in 2016.  

Westley got involved with lacrosse as an assistant coach for Pascagoula High School in 2014.  He was a teacher there at the time, and the only thing he knew about lacrosse was that it had Native American roots and was huge in the northeastern part of the United States.  He just wanted to be a part of students’ lives.  He almost immediately fell in love with the sport.  In 2016, the head coach at the time took a job that required more of his time.  Green didn’t want the team to fall apart, so he stepped in.  He had wonderful help from two of the player’s families that provided support, structure, and two other coaches.  In 2019, the lack of interest in players led us to dissolve the team; that is when he decided to officiate.  He wanted to keep up with the sport of lacrosse.  Being a coach for a Mississippi team that is a part of the Louisiana league, and knowing there was a need for more officials to grow the game along the coast, also helped the decision. He loves the sport, and is looking forward to getting back on the fields.  

When time allows, Westley loves to fish, woodwork, pottery, but, most of all, he really enjoys cooking.  He usually takes the time to spend with my family.  One fun fact about Westley is that he loves theatre.  Green and his family are very busy people.  He and his wife are directors of the hospitality team and young adult ministries at their church.  They love the Lord and feel blessed to be part of all the things we are. That most definitely includes the Lacrosse community. To God be all the glory.

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