Sunday Spotlight

David Ratner

David was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV.  He attended Bishop Gorman High School, which is best known for being a national powerhouse in football.  He played baseball for one year, football for two years, and wrestled for four years for the Gaels.  He graduated high school in 1992. David moved to the Baton Rouge area when he was 18 years old.  He attended LSU on two separate occasions, and graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science.  During his college years, he wrestled on LSU’s club team.  Then later in 2006, he graduated from LSU with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  He lived in North Carolina and Virginia for a short time, but has been living in Denham Springs, LA since 2007.

David currently works for the Louisiana Department Of Agriculture; he is the Assistant Director of Food Distribution. He deals with warehousing, logistics, and making orders for the National School Lunch program for the State of Louisiana. Also, he helps with The Emergency Food Assistance Program which is getting people help with food pantries and the food banks. Furthermore, he helps in emergencies and gets food to affected places like the current Hurricane that the state is dealing with right now.

David has been officiating sports for almost 20 years.  His father (Marc Ratner) was a D1 football official and a D1 replay official. When David was in college, he took a sports officiating class and began officiating intramural basketball at LSU. Then in 1997, he saw an ad in the paper Labor Day weekend about officiating basketball and he has been an official ever since.  Along with lacrosse, he officiates high school football, high school volleyball, girl’s high school basketball, and women’s collegiate basketball. He has officiated high school football for 15 years, volleyball for 5 years, and basketball for 19 years.  Also, he’s been a women’s collegiate basketball official for 14 years. He has officiated Junior college, NAIA, D3 and D2 women’s basketball. He’s worked in the following conferences: MACJC, SSAC, Red River, SCAC, American Southwest, and the Gulf South. He has worked in one postseason conference basketball tournament in the SCAC; as well as, three state tournaments in girl’s basketball and the second round of the playoffs in football.

David began officiating lacrosse in 2008.  He got an email regarding officiating lacrosse, went to a meeting in New Orleans, fell in love with the sport, and has been a lacrosse official ever since.  He states that he has been lucky enough to have been selected to championship weekend three times in his career; he’s still looking for the elusive Championship game assignment though. He has been lucky enough to hone his lacrosse officiating by traveling to numerous states throughout my 13 year career by officiating summer lacrosse tournaments. Also, he has been a collegiate official since 2013.  He had the opportunity to work a LSA playoff game, a game which UL-Lafayette played Rice to advance to the LSA Conference Championship Weekend.

In 2018, in conjunction with the World Games, he was invited to Israel to officiate in the Festival games. In Europe and overseas in the major tournaments, they have what is called the Festival where people play lacrosse just for fun while there is a major tournament going on. Also, he was able to work some of the World Championships in Israel as the table personnel.  David stated, “It was truly a wonderful experience as I was able to meet people and officials from all over the world”.  In 2019, he was able to go to Amsterdam to work the Lowlands tournament also with the championship game of the Lowlands.  Also in the summer of 2019, he went to Prague and worked another Festival in conjunction with the European U19 championships. Next summer he has an opportunity to work Festival games in Ireland and/or Poland. One day, he would like to represent America in a major tournament such as the World Games, or in the Pan American Lacrosse Association qualifier games being held this year in Columbia.

Other than officiating, Ratner enjoys watching Pro Wrestling and going to the movies. His hobby is truly officiating; if he’s not working you can catch him somewhere officiating something.  One fun fact about Ratner that most people don’t know about is that he has been a collector for years. Growing up it was baseball and basketball cards. Then, he got into collecting starting lineup figures and then McFarlane figures. Also, he is a huge Simpsons fan and has the entire collection of Simpson Action figures.  His garage holds his collections, and it still grows.  Finally, he is married to a wonderful woman named Peggy; he has 4 children: Joshua 23, Alex 22, Nicholas 18 and Madison 16.

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