Sunday Spotlight

Evan Blum

Evan was born in Metairie, LA.  He considers home to be in two places: Hermosa Beach, CA and Kenner, LA; he spent most of his younger years in Hermosa Beach.  Evan attended Archbishop Rummel High School, and played lacrosse three years for the Raiders.  He graduated high school in 2016.  After high school, he attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  He graduated in 2020 with a BSBA in Marketing.  After college, Evan moved back to Kenner for the foreseeable future while he began his career.  During his four years of college, Evan played lacrosse for the Ragin’ Cajuns.  In 2017, he was on the LSA DII Conference Championship team and competed in the MCLA National Championship Tournament.  He added that “…we would have done it again if it wasn’t for the COVID-19 pandemic”. He currently works for AT&T in the sales division. However, he is hoping to take on a sales position at a new company very soon

Evan started playing around the end of 2013, his early sophomore year of high school. Shortly after, he started officiating in the New Orleans area doing mostly youth games and tournaments. As his lacrosse game developed in the coming years, so did his officiating skills. By college, he was officiating varsity high school games; as well as playing for a Conference Championship winning team! Both during and in the years since high school, he has never branched out to any other sport both playing or officiating. 

Evan’s officiating career began just as most things do.  He heard about a friend that was officiating, and thought “Hey, I could give this a try”. Ever since then he’s loved the contrast it’s had with his own lacrosse game. He would like to think that in some ways it even helped his playing abilities by watching so many great high school teams perform while he was officiating. Ever since then it’s become a hobby and a passion to stick with lacrosse and grow the game in any way he can.

As previously mentioned, lacrosse is still a great hobby of his. Both officiating and eventually getting involved in local men’s leagues is something Evan plans to do. Along with that, he also would love to get started coaching once he has the time. Other than lacrosse, golf is another great sport that he’s been able to dive into after college. Evan has been playing his whole life, but has never been able to actually pursue it like i can now. Evan lastly stated that, “as I enter the job force I get to work towards another hobby, Making Money!”

Evan stated, “in all seriousness lacrosse has given more to me in my life than anything I could have imagined. The community, the competitive nature, and the lessons it taught me cannot be understated. It proved invaluable whether interviewing or talking with a customer I can always reference my Lacrosse background in some way. This goes with officiating too. One of the first questions I was asked during the interview process was, “How do you handle rejection”. I then stated I was a Referee and that was all he needed for that question! I’m excited to see the sport grow in the south and hope to still be a part of it when we get our first professional team!”

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