Sunday Spotlight

Tim Casey

Tim was born on January 8, 1960 in Royal Oak, Michigan, and raised in suburban Detroit. He graduated from Fraser High School in 1978. He has an older sister and brother and a younger sister and brother. He still has family in Detroit and for now, Alaska and Atlanta.

Tim played football in high school, defensive back and safety. He was never much of an offensive threat in baseball or basketball so I gave them up. Foot speed was not one of his strengths, but he did hold the 9th grade track record for the mile run; 5.02, for many years. He was also a force on the neighborhood hockey rink.

Right out of high school, Tim went to the Great Lakes Maritime Academy in Traverse City , MI and graduated with Merchant Marine Engineers credentials in 1982. Fortunately, he found work in the Maritime industry based in Lafayette, Louisiana. He has been, and still is, employed as engineer on a variety of workboats, and has lived in the Lafayette area since September of 1984.

Oddly enough there was very little lacrosse in Michigan back when Tim lived there, and his introduction came in South Louisiana. At the time there was a tribe of mostly, transplanted Yankees on a club lacrosse team in Lafayette. He played for about 10 years from 86-96. Then, as now, there is/ was a kind of connection he shared for love of the game of lacrosse that you don’t get with other sports.

When the St. Thomas More team was started in 2005, Tim knew the coaches and volunteered to help. After a few years, realized that I could better serve the local lacrosse community by refereeing and the rest is history.

36 years in South Louisiana have been good to him. In addition to supplying him with his livelihood and my introduction to the game of lacrosse, his wife Ruth is from Lafayette. They were married on New Years Eve of 1991. They were present when their adopted daughter, Ellyn was born in May, 2010.

Like all of you, Tim has a lot of things that press for his attention these days. He has one foot at work on the boat and one at home. Ruth and Ellyn would like to have more of him when he’s home, but they let him referee lacrosse because it makes me happy.

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