Sunday Spotlight

Zach Favrot

Shreveport native Zach Favrot wanted to give back to the sport that gave so much to him.  In 2010, he asked the late Karl Mitchell, The Godfather of Louisiana Lacrosse, what could he do to help. Mitchell replied, “We need refs. Be a ref”.  And that’s exactly what Zach did. He began officiating youth lacrosse with the Red River Youth Lacrosse Association, and in 2011, he began his high school officiating career with LOLA.

Favrot was a multi-sport athlete at C.E. Byrd High School from ‘00 – ‘02.  He played football, baseball, and was an All-State wrestler.  Once he discovered lacrosse in high school, he quit baseball, picked up a stick, and became an All-State lacrosse player.  From ‘02 – ‘04, he played for LA Tech and LSU, and later played men’s club.

Zach began his coaching career in 2003 at Captain Shreve.  He moved on to coach Byrd for the ‘04 & ‘05 seasons.  From ‘11 – ‘16 he coached in the Red River Youth Lacrosse Association then returned to Byrd from ‘12 – ‘16.

Zach attended Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, majoring in history. He received his Bachelor of Arts from LSU-Shreveport.  Currently, Zach works as the Head of Project Management at Hargrove Roofing and Construction.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and jiu jitsu.  One interesting factoid about Zach is that he can do splits. He claims to be uncannily limber!

Zach Favrot

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