Sunday Spotlight

Robert Wyman

Rob Wyman; BFA-St. Albans vs. Rice
Vail Shootout 2016

How many people can say, “I’ve officiated lacrosse in every state in America”?  Rob Wyman…that’s who!  For my first Sunday Spotlight I’ve chosen the product of Rutland, Vermont for the simple fact that he has certainly seen it all/done it all, in terms of the lacrosse world.  As a former player/coach and current official, Rob has 50+ years of lacrosse experience.  In 1968, post-secondary education, he played intramural lacrosse at the Naval Academy.  Then, he attended Castleton University (formerly known as Castleton State College).  He played lacrosse for the Spartans, and was the Team Captain in 1971. Post-scholastic, Rob played for the Albany, New York based Mohawk Lacrosse Club from 1972-1975.  The Mohawk LC is the oldest lacrosse club in the United States.

Adding a six-year coaching career at Castleton State College to the resume’, Rob started coaching in 1972 (while playing for the Mohawks).  He spent three years as an Assistant Coach, and the next three as the Head Coach.  Also, he spent three years as an assistant basketball coach at the same time he was an assistant lacrosse coach.  He stated that he had a regular job while coaching two teams.  There were days in which he worked a full day, practice as a lacrosse coach, and practice as a basketball coach; wake up and do it all over again.

With 43 years of experience, Rob began officiating lacrosse in Vermont in 1978.  His officiating career began at the collegiate level, because there were only a few prep schools in Vermont that had lacrosse teams.  He spent the 80’s living/officiating in Massachusetts, working some of the top NCAA D-I games (other levels as well) in the New England area.  Rob had the privilege to be on the officiating crew for the 1986 National Championship Game between North Carolina and Virginia; notable member on the crew was Walt Munze.  A game in which North Carolina won in overtime by a score of 10-9.  Rob moved to Louisiana in 1990 for his love of the music, food, art, and culture in the French Quarter.  It was in this time that a National Lacrosse Officials Organization was in development in order to standardize training and mechanics, and give a voice for officials to determine what type of environment they would work in.  Later, he was appointed as the National Assigning Authority for the MCLA; he assigned three National Championship tournaments.  He traveled across the country working to improve on the officiating services provided in their respective area, while also scouting officials in regards to being selected to officiate in the MCLA National Championship Tournament. As part of the Southwest Lacrosse Officials Association, which was a combination of Texas and Louisiana lacrosse officials, it was time for Louisiana to have its own LOA.  Finally forming the Lacrosse Officials of Louisiana in 2009.

Rob is currently an official in three associations: NILOA (National Intercollegiate Lacrosse Officials Association, LOLA (Lacrosse Officials of Louisiana), and VLOA (Vermont Lacrosse Officials Association).  In the spring/Carnival Season, one will find Rob in Louisiana officiating lacrosse, and attending all of the festivals that Louisiana has to offer.  After the Louisiana high school lacrosse season, he heads up north to Vermont to work the high school league there and to escape the Louisiana heat.  During the winter, he goes south of the U.S. border to Mexico to enjoy the beach destinations until Carnival Season begins in Louisiana.

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